The Custom Botanist

Honorary Northerner by way of London, Brighton, Dorset and Essex I am currently based in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. My career has always had a tenuous link to the creative world, after graduating with a textiles degree I went on to work as a product developer, buyer and account manager within the fashion industry for thirteen years. An interesting career in many ways it was still spreadsheets on a screen at the end of the day and it started to niggle that I had no creative outlet. The idea of drawing people’s bouquets sprang into my mind from nowhere, I asked a couple of colleagues if I could draw their bouquets using photos taken at their weddings and the reaction to the drawings was good, from there some local florists heard about me via other friends in the industry and commissions started to trickle in. It’s a slow grow but a grower nonetheless. 

I’m really lucky that my business has grown organically and steadily by word of mouth and personal recommendations. I get great reactions from clients when they receive their artwork and hear time and time again that my drawing has bought back memories of their wedding day and it’s as though they’re looking at their actual bouquet again.  

Wedding flowers aren’t cheap, and who wants to watch them slowly fade away in a matter of days following the celebration? 

Commissioning a bespoke piece of art is a really personal and exciting experience. I like art and art created by friends or created especially for me is even more cherished. There are plenty of CAD packages out there and semi-personalised art offerings but clients come to me for hand made, custom art, actual paint and pencil on paper.

Like a lot of people I love looking at flowers. I’ve drawn flowers since school and when people ask “can you draw anything else?” the answer is a genuine No! My most popular work is colour. I start every colour piece with a watercolour base and then build up tone and definition with layers of pencil over the top, it gives a really deep saturation of colour and makes the work really vibrant. If you like heavy textured florals come to me, whimsical watercolours not so much. For the colour-phobes out there I offer simple line drawings which look great in any space, so if a photo on the wall isn’t for you then why not commission some bespoke original art as the perfect wedding keepsake! Oh and did I mention that the symbol for a first wedding anniversary is paper? Perfect gift right there, you can thank me later.