Kate Beaumont

Understatedly Beautiful Wedding Gowns for Modern Brides

I first met Ellie from Inner City 2016, and I’ve created many wedding gowns since then for our mutual brides, as well as for several Sheffield-based styled shoots over the years that we’ve worked on together for creative endeavor, and content.

The forthcoming Spring Peddler event (2022) is my sixth time exhibiting at The Indie Wedding Fair, and it’s a pleasure to meet with like-minded folks who are committed to providing something extra-special for couples who are looking for something a bit different from the mainstream offerings out there, which are very unique to them.

My small-business origin story is similar to Ellie’s – we both saw a gap in the market after we started planning our own weddings, and from then on we’ve both sought to offer couples a really personal experience from start to finish, reflecting their own tastes and choices whilst remaining true to our own values.

Based in an old cutlery factory in Sheffield, my team and I create exquisite, unstructured gowns and separates using high-quality silks and English and French laces. Inspired by vintage styles, our ethos has always been founded on a desire to make our brides feel like the best possible version of themselves, not like they’re dressing up as someone else for their wedding day. This makes us a natural fit for the Indie Wedding Fair, where Ellie has always put individuality and creativity at the heart of the event. I’ve met lots of my brides at these events, and many of them have also found their other suppliers at the same fairs!

My designs appeal to brides looking for a certain style of wedding dress, and I try to remain true to my own aesthetic whilst taking inspiration from the clients that come to my studio. Often, an off-hand remark can lead to a change in a design that means each piece really works for the wearer. I like designs that complement, rather than take over, a wedding – I’m definitely an understated designer who loves the details. The fact that I meet all my brides at the first consultation and at every fitting thereafter means that we establish a really personal relationship with them, and I always feel a huge sense of pride when I hear the lovely things other people say about the dress.

Working in this way means our brides are often a source of inspiration for us, and the kind of clientele that the Indie Wedding Fair attracts is totally in line with this; we’ve met some incredibly creative people who are consciously trying to choose suppliers for their wedding who reflect their own principles in their practices. In choosing a Kate Beaumont gown, our brides have made the decision to opt for a designer who produces in the U.K. using ethically sourced and sustainable fabric choices. Ellie and her team understand that your wedding is a wonderful opportunity to do things just as you want to, and making excellent choices about who you decide to involve (as your ‘supply chain’ but also as your people!) is a huge part of that. I’m always impressed with the range of like-minded creatives that share the space at The Indie Wedding Fair, and it’s been a privilege to get to know so many other small businesses that are committed to our values at these events over time.

One of the best parts of my job is being involved directly with brides on a one-to-one basis, and I love working with people who know what they want but are open to ideas. I’ve often recommended Ellie to couples who are looking for someone to help them create the kind of day that reflects their unique personalities and experiences, because I know first-hand that she and her team at Inner City Weddings are able to consistently deliver brilliant events. In turn, I’ve often had brides come to me after they’ve described what kind of dress they’d like to Ellie and she’s signposted them my way – she’s great at understanding what suppliers will best suit her couples and will point people in the best possible direction for them and their needs and wants. It’s very much a two-way street!

I create a new collection every other year, and these will always dovetail with previous gowns I’ve made and sit alongside them in our boutique. I’m really inspired by fabrics, which often shape my dresses, but I am also always open to the suggestions of the brides themselves. I’m able to see gaps in the collection and create new styles based on the wants and needs of my brides. Every dress is made to order, so we’re the opposite of fast-fashion and waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

It’s really important to me that my brides have a really positive experience, and, sadly, I know that this isn’t always the case in all boutiques. The personal touch is what has always set us apart, and this is why I come back to the Indie Wedding Fair year-on-year – it connects us with brides who are looking for a bespoke service and who want to be comfortable and confident in a beautifully made, luxurious gown. So, if that sounds like something you’re after, head on down and say hello in real life!

Kate x