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Wedding Jam

Music is the absolute heart and soul of what we do. Wedding Jam’s whole ethos is to do wedding entertainment in a brand new way. After witnessing too many soul-destroyingly empty dancefloors at weddings, with guests frightened off by the Birdie Song and the like, we knew it was time to do things differently. We offer talented and respected DJs and musicians that would stand up to scrutiny at any kind of musical event. We believe that music can be the best part of a wedding, so why compromise?  

It kind of all happened by accident. After years spinning records in clubs, bars and at the odd festival, our friends started to grow up and suddenly loads were tying the knot, and we found ourselves DJing at a few weddings here and there. We remember a particularly good wedding party in the Lakes, and at the end we found a couple in tears. We asked what was wrong and they said after hearing us they realised just how awful the DJ was at their wedding. It was clear to us that there was a market for genuinely good music at a wedding; why get the fabulous dress, mouth-watering food and a stunning venue only to then settle for sub-standard tunes?

And so Wedding Jam was born. Our team have now spent over a decade – and counting – sourcing the very finest DJs, bands, and musicians in the wedding world and beyond. Between our DJs, singers and musicians, we have played at weddings all over the country, but we have also appeared at some of Europe’s most renowned clubs and festivals. This doesn’t mean we’ll be turning your wedding into a rave – unless you want us to! – but it does mean that we have a deeper understanding of what makes people dance, and the art of DJing and live performance. It’s wedding music to be enjoyed, not endured!

A good DJ can get feet tapping, hands clapping and bodies moving all night – we know it because we do it – but nothing beats the magic of a live band. Wedding Jam can hook you up with talented musicians to breathe life into your party and make the occasion that little bit more special. Trawling the net for the right band can be a laborious task, and with your big day approaching it’s a stress you could do without. You might wish to welcome your guests with a string quartet or get them grooving to big party anthems; whatever the occasion, whatever vibe you’re looking for, we can always come up with the right act for any couple.

Maybe music is what brought you and your partner together? Perhaps your love blossomed at a concert or a club? If you want the music to reflect your personality – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – then we specialise in expertly weaving together themed soundtracks to weddings. We’ve done receptions with themes as diverse as Hacienda classics, northern soul, jazz and even a night of Madchester anthems. Whatever kind of atmosphere you want to create, Wedding Jam delivers it.

Crucially, we allow the couple to personalise their wedding soundtrack. We sit down for a consultation with them to make sure that what we do for them reflects their tastes and fits their budget, establishing their bangers and clangers, what to spin and what to swerve. 

We get the most satisfaction from gigs where we surprise the guests. The couple who hired us may know what’s in store, but many guests are blown away when they realise that wedding music can be professional, artistic and bursting with personality.

Some people ask us how we describe our sounds, but it’s impossible to answer in a nutshell. Our sheer scope and eclecticism mean we have pretty much all bases covered – but there are a few common defining characteristics. We always deliver music with soul. That doesn’t mean we only play soul music – it’s just a quality we go for, and you know it when you hear it.

Moreover, we always deliver music that keeps people moving, smiling and throwing shapes all night. Music matters to us and we know it matters to you: memorable music makes for unforgettable weddings, and to play just a small part in days and nights that people will remember forever is truly the greatest honour and the biggest buzz.

And while we’re immensely proud of what we do, we know we’re just a part of someone’s big day. Along our journey, we’ve met and worked with so many incredibly talented and creative people and businesses who tick the boxes we can’t – like-minded souls who provide different elements to a wedding but absolutely share our ethos and our values. So it’s always a huge privilege and thrill for us to team up with the people at the likes of Inner City Weddings, Most Curious and a whole heap of other absolute diamonds who, like Wedding Jam, go over and above to make a couple’s big day go off in ways they could only have dreamed of.

Just this last weekend Wedding Jam was proud to represent at the Most Curious wedding show in London, and The Indie Wedding Fair in Manchester, rubbing shoulders with the absolute kings and queens of every part of our industry, as swathes of brides and grooms to-be flocked to check out what we all had to offer. It was, as ever, a total pleasure, and we can’t wait to do it all over again.